What is Arbitration?

and How does it work?

Binding resolution without going to court

Arbitration Explained

Arbitration is growing in popularity as a way of resolving issues that arise when a couple divorce or separate.  It is suitable where a separating couple are unable to agree on a financial settlement or arrangements for their children, and are looking for a decision that is quicker and less costly than court proceedings.

Arbitration gives a couple a binding decision swiftly and decisively. It has many advantages over traditional litigation. It offers greater choice, flexibility and control. You can tailor make your arbitration so that it only need deal with the issues that you and your partner cannot agree.

Arbitrators are specialist family law solicitors or barristers who undertake intensive training. Arbitrators therefore can be relied upon to give your case the requisite attention to detail, and to have the necessary specialist knowledge. Couples who have gone to arbitration feel that they have been listened to carefully, and that the Arbitrator has fully understood the issues before him/her. This means that when the Arbitral Award is handed down, couples feel much more able to accept the decision. It can therefore be a more satisfactory way to settle matters that have otherwise become intractable. After the Award has been made then an application is made to court on paper for it to be converted into a binding court order.

All our members use arbitration as a way of resolving disputes and would be happy to give more information about the process. Arbitration is a fast growing area of family law for good reason. As a group of like-minded workers working collaboratively, we are dedicated to finding cost effective and child focused solutions on divorce and separation and it is for this reason that we are increasingly recommending arbitration as an option.

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