What is Collaborative Law?

and How does it work?

Respectful problem solving in round table meetings

Collaborative Law Explained

Collaborative Law offers 4 way meetings between you and your partner with your lawyers at your side, whether face to face or remotely, with an emphasis on sharing constructive ideals and solutions in meetings. 

This method of reaching agreement works alongside the recent changes in law providing no fault divorce with the emphasis being on sharing constructive ideals, creative solutions and looking at realistic outcome possibilities.

Collaborative law very much supports the non confrontational approach now adopted by the divorce process itself. The meetings are safe, spaces where you can be supported by your lawyer to look at different options and work together to find a solution that works for you and your family.

You are essential to the process so much so that if matters become disputed then your lawyer cannot act for you any further. Working together is key – there may be differences of opinion of course but this does not mean the process will automatically break down.

You therefore have the benefit not only of your solicitors advice but both solicitors’ creative input and their experience to shape a fair and reasonable agreement which will help all members of the family move forward.

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Assistance from your lawyer throughout the process

How Collaborative Law Works

This video from Resolution UK shows real life examples of Collaborative Law.

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