Arbitration in financial remedy applications

Listen to Beth Woodward discuss the benefits of arbitration in financial remedy applications.

The Pump Court Family Law Podcast is back for its fifth season and the team have well and truly hit the ground running. In this first episode, Tara Lyons is joined by barrister and arbitrator Imogen Robins and solicitor Beth Woodward, Head of Family at Neves Solicitors – Luton, Milton Keynes and Harpenden.

The trio discuss the benefits of arbitration in financial remedy applications, when it would be appropriate and how one goes about getting an arbitration up and running, before moving on to consider the status of arbitration awards in the Family court post-Haley v Haley and A v A.

This is a huge growth area in family law and for anyone who remains a little unclear or uneasy about arbitration, this is the podcast for you.